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Friday, July 04, 2008


Joanne Hemingway

Hey Jana!
Happy Fourth to you!
My husband and I are going to a Cincinnati Reds game today. One of my favorite Fourth memories: my nephew James was about 3-4 years old. We were all at Youngs Dairy having some ice cream before heading over to see the fireworks. In the distance James saw some fireworks going off, points and yells "Fire Cookies"! Every time these kids exchange words cracks me up!


A good BBQ is always a must for the 4th! And swimming in a lake- weather permitting!
Then, end the day with fireworks!


Happy 4th to you, too!!! We're flying to San Diego today! Yippee!!! I loooove this holiday!


God Bless America! A day to celebrate Freedom and support those serving our Country to keep it Free. We will stay close to home, as usual...can't do larger than large crowds. Have a great 4th.

Heather Ruwe

Hi Jana! We are going to my mom's neighborhood for a parde (if the rain stops) and then later we are going to have friends over for a campfire. Happy Fourth!


quiet one for us this year. . . bbq and watching fireworks.
getting together with friends tomorrow



Thanks for the chance to with this great looking book.

We have an annual family picnic. Everyone brings a dish. Sometimes we have five tables full of food. My Mom is from a family of 15 so it is a very large event. We have lawn games, card games, kite flying and fishing. Lots of ice tea and lemonade to drink and if you are lucky you get a spot on the porch swing.

Enjoy your 4th!!!

Sandi N.

Jill Swanson

I love having a get together with my wonderful neighbors and family. This year we are having a "low country boil" I have never been to one, but they tell me it is when a large kettle is filled with shrimp, corn and potatoes and cooked together, Then it is spread out over paper covered tables and everyone digs in. I am looking forward to trying it. Have a great day. Jill


HI, I really love your blog, you are a wonderfull artist. Forgive me if my English isn't perfect. I'm from Belgium and I really don't know what you celebrate on the 4th of July. I'll have to look it up on the internet. Keep on doing what you're doing, you're great at it. :-) Tinne.

samantha(stressed out mommy of 2 boys)

Hi Jana, happy 4th to you. today is very busy day here. this morning the kids decorated their bikes for the kids bike parade that the neighbors have been having for about 30yrs, the have firetrucks and polcecars come and the kids ride around the block then they park the firetruck in the field and spray the hose for the kids to cool down(not that we need t it here in chicago it's 74 today) then the neighbors feed everyone there police and firemen too. this evening they put on a fireworks show and again feed the whole neighborhood. a great time every year.


We shared our 4th with my in-laws! We had a very nice time and watched fireworks on the way home.


Just spent the entire week relaxing and having fun with family.

Happy 4th too you!

marshan alma

cool! I love "designing with" books


I love the fireworks and the quiet. I don't feel the pressure to do anything for htis holiday b/c we can eat bbq-ed food just spend the day being together and staying up late to watch the fireworks.


Happy holiday to you! Hope you had a wonderful day. *hugs* from Cass in Australia.

Marty Walden

On the Fourth we grill out, make homemade Oreo ice cream and go see the fireworks. Except this year we thought they were rained out and came home with some friends, then my son and I ran down the street looking for a hole in the trees to see the fireworks!


Hi Jana,

I down under in Australia and we just went out for a coffee today, although admitted just for a chat not explicitly to celebrate 4th of july =)


I grew up in Philadelphia, where the celebration takes place downtown. I love that I am walking the same streets that Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, George Washington walked. It's a pretty cool feeling.

Louise Charlton

I am Canadian and we celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. But what makes it more special is that is also my Birthday. We always celebrate with a BBQ at my daughter's house and the city kindly throws fireworks for me LOL.

Today I raised my glass to all my American friends! Happy 4th!

mary doak

Happy 4th of July. My Hubby and I got married 22 years ago on the 5th of July and always start our Anniversary off by watching Fireworks show after spending the day together fishing or barbequing, etc..

tamara dunkin

i love that it's one of the few days of the year where people actually seem PROUD to be american. they seem PROUD of our country - and they celebrate our freedoms, our military, our history.... and that makes me happy... that and a day off work for my hubby!

JoAnn Burnham

Happy 4th to you also. The 4th means family and being thankful that we live in a country that we have so many privileges and freedoms. God Bless America, our troops and their families. My husband is retired US Army.

Walterine :)

Hello! I am not American, but from your neighbour up north!! I'm from Newfoundland. Here, Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st. Generally (weather permitting) we all go out and have a band (with some new and tranditional Newfoundland music), do some dancing, alcohol (but for 19+) and generally fireworks (if the fog isn't too thick). ha ha. If the weather doesn't allow, the event is usually held in either the club or else a hall somewhere.
Each year, a committee usually has an afternoon for the kids as well. Facepainting, games, bbq and treats for the kids. And depending on the crowd (coming from a town of 620 people) there may also be a parade led by the town firetruck! Canada day here is usually a day to forget work, forget your troubles and have a big party to celebrate all the great things that we have and the freedoms that we have!!
Good luck with your giveaway! :0)

And remember, keep smiling people. Life is too short to be sad all the time. You are put here once, enjoy it. Love with all your heart, smile with all you have in you and be who you really are and no one else! :0)

Debby Ohlhauser

Happy 4th of July! It's INDEPENDENCE DAY,which honors our country, our troops now and before. It's closest to my heart and has always been my favorite holiday!
So when he popped the question we set our date 07-05-97 and eleven years later it now is back to a week-end. I love your cards and those great colors you come up with. Hope you had a beautiful day!
Thank you so much for all your inspiration!


Hi Jana,
It was a quiet 4th for us we had a cookout with the kids and also had a chance to watch an awesome fireworks show.

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