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Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Ohhh...drop dead beautiful! This is so pretty Jana!

Tina in Springboro

I still like it. I think I will try and put a fold part on the brown space - thanks again for sharing yet another wonderful card!!!



I always have said you have a great eye for color! Pink and Brown are so cute together.

Here is a thought...if the brown message area is large enough to pot dot a gift card, then do a pull out tag behind it would me fun. I give a bunch of gift cards due to all the teenagers/young adults on my DH side of the family. So, I am always looking for ways to dress up a gift card:)

I would love to attend a class on gift cards themed in all holidays, teachers, graduation and birthdays. I have a cute idea to share with you. I found it in BH mag. this weekend. DH saw it and picked it up for the girls and I.

Happy Stamping
Sandi N.

Stacey Dahn

Great color combo!

Beatriz Jennings

love this card! beautiful colors!

laura vegas

i love this card! i used to do tons in that size ... but not so much anymore. and i always love when i find a super old project ... and still like it after all that time!

Melissa Bove

What a beautiful card!! Love it!


Love this card! I love using Long Notes for cards and even for mini scrapbooks, and I love your color combination! Jen

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