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Friday, August 22, 2008




I love cute little bird houses too! When I did craft shows in the 90's. I used felt cut in the shape of a house and a hand sewn yo-yo for the center. I also made a triple sized yo-yo in different colors with a peanut as a turkey body paited. These were both magnets. I have sewn and painted for years.

Your card is so adorable! The colors work so well with the craft paper. Love the swiss dot cuddle bug too. After a few months I found one at Hobby Lobby:) The diamond stickles was the perfect touch.

Thanks for sharing.


Your card is lovely! I like the craft paper with the touch of red and green and the bird is sooo cute!

Roz Rhorer

Just WAY TOO CUTE. I keep thinking I'm not a bird person, but you are swaying me with what you do. I'm a Snowman person, and I'm thinking this is way cute with a snowman.
Snowmen - they are people too. hehe


just adorable...I think I need to get me some stickles, too!

Jill Swanson

I have a thing for birds too. How cute is that set. I have had a moratorium on Christmas Stamps, but I may just have to get this one. Jill S

jennifer mcguire

one of my faves...
go check my blog... i nominated you!

samantha(stressed out mommy of 2 boys)

I agree with jennifer i love your blog, i visit EVERYDAY. keepup the great work.

Hilary Kanwischer

Love it Jana! :)

Kathy H.

Just got back from vacation at the beach and am catching up on the blogs I love. Yours is one of them! I just love this card. I haven't seen this set - I just may have to go and get it!


this is precious! LOVE this!
I nominated you on my blog, too. :)

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