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Saturday, September 27, 2008




Sounds like fun to me! I will get my kids working on this challenge too. After we finish our chores today we will pull out the stamps tonight.

I am looking forward to making some cards tonight with extras I have from the layouts I made from last weekend. Just think one week ago we were watching Dexter and stamping together.



Sounds great! Can you imagine... You could have a lot of work to do to post them all up!

Roz Rhorer

Ok - I have a major challenge this week - figure out how to load cards into the computer and send them. You don't know how computer stupid I am. :-( I just finished some Christmas cards, so if I figure all this out - I will send them. Wish me luck.

fiona y

hi jana thanks for the chance to have some fun + win at the same time :)


I will play! Do you want each card emailed separately or wait until we've made them and send in a group pic?


Thanks Jana, I need a fire lit under my .... to make some new cards and this sounds like fun. Have a great Sunday!


You and Jennifer rock! Thank you ladies for the give away..I mean who can't make use of a GC? :)


Oooh.....this should be FUN!! :)

alma brand

thank for the awesome giveaway you and jen are too awesome


That would be great! does it has to be cards that made only for this challenge?

Erin Glee

It will be fun to see what everyone makes! Thanks for the WCMD Event... for us techie challenged, emailing you the cards will be the hardest part!

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