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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Roz Rhorer

Very cute card Jana. I seem to struggle with the starting point of cards, not necessarily the kind of card. But once I have my direction it seems to get done, with a few bumps along the way. My main problem is coming up with the color combos.
But I struggle along, using LOTS of inspiration from you and other talented souls who care to share with us.


Love the card - I like the stitching, though I don't think I will ever be able to handle my sewing machine that well! As for struggles with cards, that would probably be holiday specific cards. I haven't really attempted any yet. I'm in more of a generic-greeting card mode right now.


Cute card - what I like about your card is that it could be used for a masculine card! Cards for the males in my life are probably my biggest challenge.


Cute little card :) I like it! My biggest struggle is not so much what type of card to make, but how to find time!!! Do you have any suggestions for that? ;)


I have more trouble with men cards (birthday, etc.) I really just lack time to make all the ones I need. I do LOVE Card Creations and would love to win it!

Janet Zeppa

I would love to win that issue!
I struggle more with masculine cards and also sympathy cards.

Jill Swanson

Sympathy cards are always difficult for me as well as masculine cards. Hope I win. Jill S


I love that card. It reminds me of a game board. It looks like the path that the game pieces travel along.

I also have trouble with sympathy cards.

jennifer loucks

Hi Jana. I really like your christmas cards, especially the little reindeer ones. I tend to struggle with layering techniques for cards. I see all these beautiful cards on blogs by all you talented people, and I just think, how on earth!?? Wow. Blows me away. Thanks for the chance to win the magazine!

Pamela C.

I have trouble with cards for men. I know if I would practice more, I might get the hang of it. But I seem to need something before me to get going. ( It doesn't matter the occassion: birthday, Father's day, etc.)


I need help with card for the men in my life. Most of the supplies I have are very girly so my "man" cards end up with blue flowers or blue bling. Not very manly. LOL

Karen Q

I have the most trouble trying to do masculine cards. It is so hard not to put ribbon and flowers on a card. Congratulations on having cards in the magazine. Thanks for the opportunity to see them. The card you showed is a perfect gender neutral card. Thanks for the idea.

Anna D

My biggest problem is card designs...often what is in my head doesn't end up on paper.


Hi Jana! LOVE that card and I'd love to win that publication! The cards I struggle with are cards for boys. I love to add pinks and flowers and girly things (because I have a lot of it), but when it comes to cards for boys - I am horrible! I loved that Hero Arts week where they did masculine colors and ideas. It helped me so much, but I need MORE ideas! :)



Congrats on your cards being published. If I do not win I will be sure to pick one up. This card remind me of a quilt with the blocks and colors. Very Happy!!!! For You!!!

What I find most challenging are sympathy and get well cards.

Sandi N.


I struggle with good sympathy cards and masculine cards as well.


Since I don't have children, I often have trouble making cards for my nieces and nephews. I'm just not drawn to children's stamped images ... any creative ideas would be appreciated. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on being published.


I struggle with cards for men...trying to keep them masculine is a challenge.

Lisa D. Atha


I have to agree with a few of the comments above, in that sympathy cards and masculine cards are always a challenge for me too.

Lisa A.

Kathy H

Cute card! Sympathy cards are what I struggle with the most - never quite sure what is appropriate.

Joanne Hemingway

ditto...sympathy and cards for guys...


Cute card-- I always love your work. You definately have both the talent and the creativity to come up with ideas that would help, but my biggest problem is getting cards done and in the mail on time. Can you inspire me to stop procrastinating...


I struggle with masculine cards but I have lots of flower stamps so that could be why I have a problem

Wendy Lust

Wow! Congratulations! OK, I would like help with sympathy cards and wedding cards.


I haven't started greetings cards yet (Xmas)... I don't have the inspiration!

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