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Thursday, November 20, 2008



Hey, that sounds like lots of fun!!! I took several of my 5th grade students to Williamsburg a couple of years ago (we live in CO) and we had a blast!!! That was the field trip to top all field trips, for sure :)

Linda J

I went there about 33 years ago - and would love to go again.:) It was a fun trip - hope you have a great time.:)



Sounds like a really great girls weekend trip. I hope you enjoy your weekend!!!
I can not wait to hear of all the fun you had on your trip.

Sandi N.


Hey...I know!!! I had my picture taken giving Thomas a drink last summer. Wonderful place!!!!

Roz Rhorer

Oh - how fun ! ! ! Eat and laugh for us stuck back here in cold Cinci.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa D. Atha (inspired by purple)


Yes. Where are you? I miss ya, I hope you post again soon. I miss those cute cards that you make.


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