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Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Oh Jana, your title makes me giggle because it's so perfect... this IS a really impractical card, but stinkin cute nonetheless! I love it!

Lynn Mercurio

This certainly is one fabulous card. I can't imagine all the time it took to thread and tie all those button threads. A card worthy of real pride...It's a beauty.

Merry Christmas!


Only for someone you truly love. Cute card!

April Z

This card must have taken forever to make, but it is adorable!


This card is awesome. Who would of thought clear buttons could be so pretty. Very ingenious.


It is really pretty, but is a hand deliver only type card. It would look great on a wedding gift.

Roz Rhorer

Impractical - yes - but so darn CUTE.

elizabeth b jensen

So cute! And your comments about it made me giggle!


This IS adorable...who cares how impractical! :) hehe Its frameable! :) Thanks for the inspiration!


Ohhhh my! Who wouldn't adore this little gem....from one button lover to another :)
This is just darling.

Victoria S.

well i do love it - i love buttons -must have taken a long time to make, but ever so worth it - u can hand deliver to a great friend who hopefully will cherish it and YOU :-)

laura vegas

well, i LOVE your impractical card! lol! that would be a heavy one to mail!

Kimberly Brock

Beautiful & fun card Jana!!!

mary D

I really LUV this card. This is a kind of card I would make to hand over with a gift to give someone like my hubby or one of my four daughters. Thanks for sharing your creation.

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