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Wednesday, December 10, 2008




Oh my this card is beautiful!!! I have to get this stamp!!! Perfect to this kind of card.

I found this kind of paper last year for 25 cents a pound. It is a little thinner than the paper you used. I works fine. I am happy to share as this is way more than I will ever use. If the powder plant has another sale this spring do you want me to post it? They have lots to paper goodies/very old vintage things too.

Thanks for sharing. Your Christmas list holders will be very happy to receive their card.

Sandi N.



I was thinking more about this style of card. My thought was trying to find a Santa stamp and use with red fired brick ink. The white would be so cute on his hat and trim.

Thanks for the idea.

Sandi N.

Roz Rhorer

Simple, elegant, beautiful. I will have to try this.
I'm thinking I need Tim Holtz inks too.
I think that will be my next focus. I've been focusing on stamps lately, now I think I need inks. Oh the money to be spent.

Kathy Light

So beautiful! Love it Jana!



Nichol Spohr LLC

I absolutely LOVE this card, Jana!

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