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Sunday, January 04, 2009


Nancy L.

Happy New Years to you Jana! I had to work on the holidays but I spent a little time w/ our family. Thanks for the chance to win!


Hi Jana glad you had a nice holiday! The best thing for me this holiday was spending time playing our new Wii with my husband and girls so much fun and no fighting LOL!


Happy New Year to you too! The thing I liked best this holiday was the snow - we got dumped on with DRY snow that has hung around for weeks. I live in Vancouver so we don't normally get this much. It was so beautiful...


My best thing was getting over the stomach flu that hit me on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Hope 2009 is great for you...your blog is so inspiring.

Leslie Murphy

Happy New Year's. The best part of the holidays for me was seeing the excitement of season through the eyes of my two small children.


The best thing about the holidays for me this year was of course spending so much time with my husband. We deliberately did not make many plans and it was so nice!
I also love putting the ornaments on our tree. Every one has special meaning or was purchased on our travels through the world. I love that.

Mary Jane D.

Happy New Year Jana! The best thing about this holiday was spending time with family. It all went by too fast for me. We took down all of our decorations yesterday and DH and I both felt like we had just put them up. Have a wonderful 2009! Thanks also for the chance to win the stamps.


Hard to decide what's been best - probably in general just Christmas magical atmosphere and family time.
Happy New Year!


The best thing about holidays is SLEEPING IN! We're in no rush to be anywhere, and I love that!
Thanks for doing the giveaway - it's very generous of you.

Erin Bohland

The best thing about the holidays is seeing how excited and happy my two year old son gets when he opens up


Happy New Year, Jana!
I've missed reading your delightful blog. Best part of the holiday for me: hanging out with my favourite people!
Thank you for the opportunity to win those cute stamps.

Pamela C.

Thank you for the give-a-way. I never put my holiday stamps away because I never know when an idea will hit. Plus I may just want to start on an idea for the next season.

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

Sandy W

I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow. I have been sick all through the holidays -- what a way to use up vacation/holiday time! But maybe rest was what I needed for Christmas! Thanks for sharing the goods!

Janet Zeppa

Oh what a cute set!
My favourite part of the holidays was being able to spend it with famliy.


My favorite time this holiday was going to see the Rockettes with my children and my mother. Love reading your blog! Charlene

Linda J

I love that set - especially the frog.:)
A favorite part of the holidays for me was relaxing and re-grouping.
Happy New Year to you.:)


I got to spend some of it with my daughter and we always have such a great time together! Happy New Year!

Becs Attwood

Happy New Year to you Jana - hope 2009 is a great year for you. Here in NZ it's Monday already & it's hard work getting back into routine (especially as it's a gorgeous summer's day over here and I'm trapped in my office looking longingly out the window at blue skies). A chance to win is always a good way to brighten up my day - thanks for your generosity.


Christmas was very special for us this year! We took a week vacation to PA this year. It was our first vacation in years! My girls got to play in the snow for the very first time. We got to see Lake Erie and Niagra Falls. I have tons of pictures to scrap! I love your blog! You are so talented!! Have a great day at work tomorrow! (HUGS)


Happy New Year. I'd love to win!



Congrats on finishing up your craftroom. I plan to go to IKEA and redesign my scrapbook closet with some cool storeage I found on line. The hard part will be living with the mess of building the storage units.

I have this stamp sew set and just love it. Whoever wins it will love it too.

Happy New Year
Sandi N.

Heather Ruwe

I have really enjoyed just spending time with my family and slowing down a bit. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!


Hi Jana :) Gotta love those Hero folks, don't ya? The best thing about Christmas this year was watching my son "get it"... last year he was too little (only 5 months), but this year, he totally loved opening presents, hanging out with family, admiring the tree... it was so cool!


Happy New Year! Love that set. I'd love to give it a happy home! :)

Sarah M

Happy New Year!! I had a great Christmas - the best part was spending time with family. :)

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