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Friday, May 01, 2009



Cherry and chocolate-- what a delicious
combination. Thanks for a chance to win.
Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I
hope you will be back with your card postings


The cherry delights sound yummy! Thanks again to you and your sister for sharing!


Let me just tell ya - the catalog alone made me I can imagine what they all taste like! YUMMY!


These look wonderful! I'd love to enter if Canadians may.


They look & sound absolutely delicious. Thank you & your sister for sharing! I'd love to try them.


Looks YUMMY!


Wendy Lust

Yum! Sounds delicious!


Yummy! Dried cherries, my favorite. I would love to win them!

Kathy H

Yum! Cherries and Chocolate! Outstanding!


These are my favorite treats! It doesn't get any better than cherries and chocolate!

Sandi N.


These look like the ones you gave us at the retreat. Oh my goodness they are so yummy. Perfect Mother's Day treat!

Sorry you are having issues. I hope you solve the problem with an easy fix.

Sandi N.

Karen B

I love cherry and chocolate.....A great gift to myself for Mother Day.

Tina in Springboro

Yummo!!! These are soooo good!!!!! Please pick me!

Kathy W

These sound and look delish!
Hope you can get your pc working again soon.


Wow, so yummy! Thanks for the chance to win.

Nancy L.

Yummo, this sounds really good!
Thanks for the chance to win!


Chocolate & just about anything, my favorite:-)Just what I need to finish out the school year. Thanks for the chance to win.

Shirley Lee

Eating chocolate covered cherries is one of my favorite things to do. Just love the flavor on my tongue. Yummy! Hope you get your PC fixed. I'm sure you are lost without it. Have a great week!
Shirley L.
Roseville, CA


I love chocolate and cherries.

Thanks to you both for such generous giveaways!

Bridget N.

So the chocloate-coated cherries....they count as a serving of fruit, right? :)


Am sinking fast . . . send chocolate!

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