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Friday, September 11, 2009


Sandi N.


I have aNY CK MB friend I was helping through this with her two childen. Her DH is a police officer and was in the middle of it all when this happened. He was coming home just enough to grab a few hours of sleep for several days. Then back on the streets to protect and serve. They both have a strong faith and I think this helped to keep her moving.

It was a forever changing day. We are still friends by phone, email, cards and MB.

Thanks for the reminder. I have a call to make :)

Sandi N.

Roz Rhorer

Jana, I was home with a broken arm, when my husband came home and said a plane hit the first tower. We turned on the TV in time to watch the second plane hit. I thought we were watching a re=run of the first. It was so unbelieveable. When the towers were being built, my husband worked on the radio towers for the buildings, he was on the roof of both of them. It was hard for him to grasp that they went down. I remember seeing the faces of the people fleeing, and waiting for loved ones. It is a sight I will remember forever. There was nothing I could do, but pray. I said a prayer today, and I do everytime Ground Zero is shown on TV, for the families. We as a country are still healing from that day, but the families have much healing to do.

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