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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sandi N.


The purple looks pretty on my screen. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi N.


Actually, I like the way the manila gave the purple a different look. Some cards are just more difficult to photograph than others. I have the same problem when people take pics of me!


The color looks okay to me. You can tell that the flower just didn't photograph all that well. I totally wish I could get better shots of my work. Half my problem is that there are some days (particularly in the fall and winter) when I am simply NOT HOME during daylight hours at all due to my job and my two hour round trip commute! It's so frustrating when you love a project and it just doesn't look the same when you post it!


thanks for sharing this card and the message....sometimes we are more critical of our work than we need to be. I'm sure your niece will love this because it's a pretty card and you made it for her.

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