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Friday, November 13, 2009



wow, what an amazing number of cards!

Sandi N.


Wow...this is one LARGE list. These children are sure to feel our support.

Thanks for doing the card drive.

Sandi N.

Rosemary Goossens


I didn't see my name on the card list. I hope you did recieve them. I think I put all my info. in with the cards, but things have been busy lately and I may have forgot.
This is a great idea to send cards to families in need. Thanks for all you do.

cathy a

Oh dear, I am not worried about being in for the prize but it appears my cards that I sent for Eric, did not arrive in time. My thoughts are with them at the moment - if they do eventually come, I hope the ones I made for his brother and sister are forwarded on.

Kathy Robinaon

I mailed a card
Kathy Robinson abd do not see it listed.

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