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Friday, February 12, 2010



you guys are amazing for doing this for the kids!



My card count is perfect, just like last count.

You always are so kind and make a lot of kids day a little better with all the hard work you are doing.

Many Thanks and Blessing
Sandi N.


Big hugs for working so hard to get the list update...Happy Valentine's Day!

Angie Hall

You have me up to date now. Didn't realize my last shipment would make this count. Thanks for your hard work. Hope your eyes get uncrossed soon.

Hugs and kisses,
Angie Hall

Rhonda Miller

Thank you for all you do in organizing and running this drive. I have enjoyed the time spent making cards for these kids and so have my kids.


It's so awesome to have you organizing this card drive to put a little sunshine in these children's lives!  But, such a rewarding experience, too.Hugs, Lillian


I believe you missed me in the cards for Zach. I was on the original list but don't see it now. Thanks.

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