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Monday, June 28, 2010



Why are you selling so much? Wow! Wish I had room for some. I'm a total ribbon whore! LOL!

Lesley AKA hungryheffy

as i suffer from the same secret life of ribbon addiction, youve just made my heart skip a few beats when i looked at those photos




Tina in Springboro

Ahhhhhhh, I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ribbon ribbon ribbon!!!!! Makes my heart beat fast!!!!!! :o)

Roz Rhorer

I Do Not Need More Ribbon--I Do Not Need More Ribbon---I Do Not..................
But it is soooooooo pretty. I may not have near as much as you have, but I have ALOT.
All those colors make me drool.
Like I said - I Do Not Need More Ribbon


I too have a serious ribbon addiction! I commend you for being able to part with some of yours. I can't turn that page yet myself! tee hee :) Good luck! (you'll have some $ to buy new, fresh ribbon with! lol)


Wish you shipped to Canada...would buy it ALL!

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