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Saturday, July 03, 2010


karen q

Happy 4th to you too! I can totally relate to the glasses issue. I now have THREE pairs of prescription glasses. I have my normal, everyday bifocals. I have my computer work bifocals and my magnifying glasses for close work. I hate having so many but I wouldn't be able to do much without all 3. I guess I should just be happy that we live in a time that allows us to grow old gracefully!

Joy Taylor

Hope to see you back again really soon Jana. :)

Roz Rhorer

Honey, I know how you feel. While the "cheaters" still work for me, I need stronger ones I think. I broke down and made an eye appointment for this week. I may be joining you with the prescription glasses soon too. Ain't getting old fun?!?!
I always swore it wouldn't happen to me.
I was wrong. :-(
Happy 4th Jana.

Sandi N.


I was thinking it was your first job keeping you busy.

I look forward to seeing you new glasses:)

Take Care
Sandi N.

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