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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Lisa D. Atha


You are so creative. What a great idea with the card idea's and the digital photo frame! Thanks for offering the free stamps, sign me up!

Hugs, Lisa

Barb :)

How fun to load your favorite cards onto the digital photo frame! Great idea! Such a nice giveaway too. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Jessica Hess

I'm loving all the photos of your new space. Thanks for the chance to win.

Colleen V

This is such a GREAT idea! I'm gonna have to try it too. Those digital frames are pretty cheap now and you wouldn't need a really big one either. I also love going thru blog posts on my G Reader, Especially yours!


Duh! It's amazing the great ideas others have and you sit back and wonder... why didn't I ever think of that? I know now the Christmas present to get for my friends... and me! Thanks!

Jean D

I do much the same but set it up as a slide show on my laptop.

karen q

Love the digital photo frame idea, you do have a very creative mind. I may ask for one from Santa. The scallops on my Apron Lace punch are 3/8" wide and a little less than 1/4" high. Thanks for measuring for me. I love those Christmas stamps but please don't count me in for the drawing. I won last time so it is only fair for another person to win. Have a great evening.


That is a great idea for the digital loop. But you could put your own cards on there and everyone could see how talented and inspiring you are!

Tara Liddicoat

I love that idea! Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas, and thank you for the giveaway!

Robin (Tqmnurse)

wow..what a great idea to put cards as inspiration on a digital photo frame.

Bridget N

Cool idea with the digital frame :) Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!


oh WOW! Love these stamps--thanks for being so generous.

I enjoy the projects and cards that you share with us.thanks!

Shawn Wenrich

What a great idea for a digi frame! Thanks of offering a giveaway!


That is SUCH a great idea! A digital inspiration frame! I love it! Those stamps are super cute!

Melinda Ferraz

I do the same thing when I see a card I like, never thougt to put them on a digital frame I just keep mine in a file. Thanks for the idea and the giveaway!


So glad I found your blog thru Jennifer McGuire's. You're both so creative and talented. That frame is an awesome idea. I have mine on a pages document but they just seem to collect on there. Thanks for all your inspiration and the giveaway!!


And who would care if a stamp was used once by you? It might come with some inspiration.!!!! hehe
I have a book that I keep printed copies of my card ideas. I do like the frame idea. I would have to clean off space on my desk for it tho.
Loving ideas from your new room. Hope you are enjoying it and feeling in Tip Top Shape now.


That is a great idea to use a digital frame! I have tons of inspiration pictures on my laptop but a frame would be so much easier (and cuter)! Thanks!

Sue McRae

Fantastic idea for the digital frame! Such a great way to be inspired when you're stuck in a rut!


I wouldn't mind even if the stamp was used twenty times!!! (sorry for my bad English).
Thank you for the giveaway and for the daily inspirations.

Pam D. from MI

What a super idea and lo and behold I got a digital frame for last Christmas that has nothing on it. Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!

Tina in Springboro

You are the best!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

dustypenny (aka Joy)

Great idea, Jana. Love the stamps, too. Hope you are feeling well. Hugs.

barbara lassiter

Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win these awesome stamps....It doesn't matter if one was used...that means it was loved! Love your blog and your cards and ideas and check by often to see what's happening!!


What a great idea! I think I will put my cards on so they can be seen. Thanks for the idea and a chance to win.

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