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Tuesday, October 05, 2010



Come play? How about I come live with you for several weeks? :) Looks wonderful! Have fun creating!!

jennifer mcguire

looks great!


Jana, it loks wonderful!!! I am so jealus! Someday I am going to get to redo my room - like when I have no kids left in college.

cindy rush

OMG Jana, you're amazing! What a tremendous collection. I'm so glad you have found a passion that you've been able to grab hold of for so many years!!!

Sandi N.


Would it be too bold to ask if maybe I could be your guest? Love what you have done with room. Lots of style, light, big on organization too. I am sure you are tickled pink:) So very happy for you!!!!

Lots of Love
Sandi N.


This is just wonderful Jana- so happy you got to plan just the way you wanted.
I would be thrilled to come and play with you.
My favorite is the clean looking canvas bins- look fab.


wow! this looks like paradise to me! I have far less stuff in my craftroom, yet it is not well organized so it sometimes looks like your "before" pictures!


Looks fantastic! I can't believe it's the same room!

Sally Lawrence

Congrats on your room.. I loved looking at the before & after.. I am so jealous..
I have the corner of a dining room so I am a long way off getting my own room but when I do I would love to have something like yours..

Eloise Allen

Oh my gosh... your room looks fabulous! All that storage area, I could use some of that! You're gonna have so much fun now. Open space makes such a difference. Enjoy :)

mary pat

one word--WOW! love it!

Kathy Nace

The room is awesome!


It looks WONDERFUL, Jana! Good job! I bet you're in that room ALL OF THE TIME now, huh? ;) I want to come over! Ha! ;)


It looks fantastic! Just check out all that storage space! Way cool!


Gorgeous, gorgeous! Holy moly, you really did stock up on the thought I was a tape roller addict, but you've beat me by far!


thanks for sharing


Your before looks sorta like my room. I share with the guest bed, and what I call my granddaughters "nursery" ALL her baby stuff is in my room. (she has a ton). Because of that reason, my room will not get a do-over until the sad day comes when granddaughter out grows her toys. I'm happy with what I have, the way it is.
I LOVE your room. From the color, to all the storage space. It is wonderful.
Have fun creating. Just think of what you can create in the new space.

Heather Ruwe

hi jana! okay, maybe you did leave me a bit speechless that day. LOL ;) but you managed to do it a good turned out WONDERFUL...that guest space has my name all over it. ;)


I think I just had an organizm. I love it! Now I need a cigarette.

karen q

Bravo, bravo. You did an amazing job on transforming your room. I wouldn't be concerned about showing your before pictures, I think you would be surprised at the amount of people whose rooms look very similar. Your room is sleek and pretty and so very functional. I am in awe of the amount of storage you have. Do you find yourself walking into the room and staring at everything and pinching yourself because it is yours? I redid my room last winter and I still walk in and am amazed that it is mine. I would love to come play in your room. Approximately 5 hours flying time and I will be there! Enjoy.

Barb Limone

Fabulous room makeover! Where did you get those awsome narrow& tall drawer sets under your TV? They are perfect. Inquiring minds want to know!

Joy Taylor

Loving your sweet new room, just wished mine looked that good...ugh! painting on hold :( but I will get to it one day, but feasting my eyes on your photos of your gorgeous rooms, makes me have hope that it will turn out just as beautiful as your, have fun in your new space!


Hey stranger - wow! Your new room looks absolutely amazing. Do you just sit in there and look around in awe of how awesome it is? I would. :-)

Kathy (krolski)

This looks amazing! I'd love to come and play! :)

Linda J

What a wonderful studio - and oh, the fantastic goodies you have! I would love to come & play ... but because of the miles, I think I'll use your beauitful cards as inspiration and create a bit in my room(not nearly as cool or well stocked as yours, but I'm happy to have it:))
Enjoy your new space and organization - looking forward to seeing your the new cards that you make in it.:)

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