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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I want to make your Mom smile. Send me her address. :-)

Melissa R.

My father suffers from a lot of medical issues as well. I'd love to send her a card. Please send me her info...I'll whip something up! All the best......Melissa

Tina in Springboro

OK, what is the thing that makes the white outlined in pink? I keep seeing you do this and want to know how. Please tell me you are not coloring the edges!! Card is addressed and in the mail!!!

Barb :)

Jana, what a wonderful idea! I would love to send your mom a card! The one you've made her is just adorable! Sending you big hugs!


I would be very happy to send your mom a card.

Heather Ruwe

love the card you made her. i would LOVE to send her one..please email me with the info.



Bless your heart. You are a great daughter.
I have your mom's address. Nice card by the way:)

Sherri Thompson

Jana, I would absolutely love to send your Mom a card. Please count me in! p.s. Your card is just adorable, as always! I LOVE your Copic coloring-I'm jealous. :)


HI Jana,
I love the combo of paper piecing and coloring! Your mom will love it! I would love to send her a card too...

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