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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


karen q

Very pretty, I don't use purples enough. I do have this stamp and love it. It makes beautiful cards with minimum effort. I hope your Mom improves a little every day.

Melissa R.

Yay, I'm happy that the cards are making her smile. Mine should already be there. I wanted to send a picture in there so she could see a face with the card but can you believe that I didn't have a spare one around???j Go figure! Very pretty card today!!

Barb :)

Fabulous card, Jana! That lilac color is so beautiful! Love your defined edges! :) So glad to hear your mom's treatments have started and she's enjoying receiving our cards!


Gorgeous! I love this BG stamp too, love to ink it up in every pastel color possible! Big hugs and best wishes to you and your mom!



Wonderful use of this stamp. Your card is so pretty:)

Praying for your mom.

Sandi N.


Hope all goes well for you Mom---glad she is enjoying the cards.

Heather Ruwe

Love the purple! Glad to hear that your mom is enjoying the cards. I sent her one yesterday. :)

Felicia Tindal

What did you use to get the 'shape' of the card? Was it pre-cut or did you use a die cutting system for it? I LOVE this card! I miss seeing you at our little Indiana scrapbook retreat!

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