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Saturday, January 22, 2011


karen q

I am sorry to hear that your Mom is having such a hard time. I hope things will get better soon. The life changes can be so hard in the beginning. You are an amazing daughter to be so considerate to ask for us to send her cards. I will send her another one this weekend. I hope they keep lifting her spirits. Take care.

Barb :)

Hi Jana. I'm glad you're keeping us updated on your mom. I'm sorry to here it's such a difficult time for her right now. Change is always hard, but can be even more so as we age. She will continue to be in my prayers and I hope the cards help her feel a bit better.


I remember those days with my daughter. She started on hemo-dialysis and switched to peritineal because it was easier for her. She was 19 at the time. It was a hard thing to go through but she felt so much better afterwards! I hope your mom can adjust soon. Your dad is doing a great job keeping her spirits up! I will be praying for her.

Tina in Springboro

Jana, I remember when we did this for my mom. She loved all the cards she received from all over the country. I remember sitting with her going over each one. The smile they brought to her face is a memory I cheerish. She hung onto those cards and dad gave them to me once she passed. They still bring me comfort. I am praying for your mom. I know your mom will adjust to this new life style. Hugs to you!


I'll send her another one today.

Hope she gets to feeling better real soon!

Debbie F.

I would like to send your Mom a card. I remember how fun it was to send your aunt a card last year, and I would like to do the same for your Mom!


I love the more personal updates and am glad that the cards are helping lift your mom's spirits.

Sharon D

The important stuff usually spills over into the other areas of life.
I'm sorry to hear that your Mom is struggling. I hope both her physical and mental health improve soon.


Hi I am sorry to hear about your mom it cannot be great being hooked up to a machine two or three times a week and then when you get off there is the weakness and the diet restrictions she needs all the support and understanding from those close to her it is rough i feel for her take care Karen in Ontario

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