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Wednesday, November 25, 2015



OMG I could not love this more. I bet the person behind you was blown away!!!

You are a peach!

Susan Wymer

Amazing and such a great idea to have gift cards!!! I like that idea better!!


WOWZA! All gorgeous. And you hand-stitched them? *thud*


Superdupergreat job :D

Leanne in CA

Love these ideas! The colors are so fun. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day!!


Amazing ideas - have a blessed day.


Oh are a gem for bringing smiles to the faces of strangers, and you can include mine as one that is beaming brightly! Your good deeds: heart warming!

Tamara Ostroznik

Awesome ideas to share kindness <3


Such wonderful, random acts of kindness!

KT Fit Kitty

You are an inspiration! I think these ideas are wonderful!

Pat Strothmann

Amazing what an angel you are.

Amy A

Oh these are wonderful Ideas! I have done the Pay for the person in the Drive-Thru behind me as well, but love the tag/gift card idea too!


Super sweet. Love that tag. It's so cute. Thanks for pitching in to help Jennifer, also.

Cortni Hoover

Perfect ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jo Ann F.

These are great ideas. I love the windshield cards!

Jeanne Jordan

So so kind ... and clever! Thanks for the tip on the stripes!

Mary Holshouser

Would be nice to get a happy note on the car.
Hopefully the recipient of the gift card carried it forward.
thanks for sharing some great ideas.
Happy Thanksgiving


What a great idea.
Thanks for sharing this hope you Thanksgiving is full of joy.
always to pay it forward.

Dawn McCloskey

Not only did you give a great idea of paying for someone's snack at Duncan Donuts, but you presented it in such a thoughtful/colorful way. Thanks for sharing the ideas AND the instructions!

Renee Berry

beautiful...thank you for sharing your big heart.


Great ideas--thanks for sharing!

Sylvia Sanchez

Thanks for sharing your great ideas & for your kindness.

Cheryl Sager

Awe, what great ideas!! Love your Laura Bassen-- inspired rainbow gift card holder :-)

Carla  Hundley

Cute and fun
Carla from Utah

Di W

What a treat for the recipients! Such cute, cute designs.

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