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Tuesday, June 19, 2018



This was sooooooo encouraging, Jana, and I am looking forward to hearing about what comes next!!! Our God is sooooo great and loving!!! Hugs

Brenda in IN

I have tears, this is so beautiful, Jana. I have been popping in from time to time but never commented before on your lovely cards. I met you briefly at Stampaway many years ago when you were there with Jennifer at Our Daily Bread booth. You were so kind to stop and say hello. I'm sorry for you job losses but thrilled God knew what direction you were going and gave you that wonderful new condo and a job you truly love.

Lydia B Fiedler

I still get chills when I think about that phone call. God is good - and you were so faithful, even if you didn't feel like you were. I have loved watching peace come over my anxious friend as things got better and better and better. I love you!

Nancy Sullivan

Jana, you had me in tears. I told people when I retired that God put me in the position where I could because I thought he had plans for me - I just don't know what they are yet. I too am struggling with praying boldly, submitting and trusting. Part of me says, Lord, haven't I trusted enough this last year - obviously the answer is no, but keep trusting, keep submitting, keep obeying and keep praying.

Michelle Liimatainen

Jana, I’m in tears. This is the most beautiful, exciting, happy thing I have read in a long time. I need to learn to pray boldly and trust Him a more. It’s hard for me...but reading this, seeing that you too struggled the same way gives me hope that someday I will be able to get there.

You are seriously one of the kindest, sweetest human beings I have ever met and I am so glad that you shared your story. You gave me a little more faith tonight. Thank you!

I am so happy for you, Kirby and Gracie! God Bless xoxo


Hi Jana, I've been thinking about you recently, how much I enjoyed working with you and I started wondering what you might be up to these days. Then this morning, it occurred to me that I could pop in on your blog. I was so touched reading your faith story. What a wonderful reminder to pray boldly. God has beautiful plans for all of us, doesn't he? What a joy it is to hear how you've been blessed so abundantly with his goodness. Huge Congratulations on your new job and your gorgeous new home! Sending hugs!

Martha Dafnos

Jana -
I have not even checked your blog posts for months...then today... I was looking through my list and decided to check on what you have been up to.
Incredible.....fantastic things are happening for you!
*** I met you several years ago at a class in Dayton and also at the now gone retreat house in Tipton, Indiana.
Blessing to you Jana - Martha Dafnos

Colleen F

The future is in God’s hands is my prayer when I worry about it too much. I love your story, thanks for sharing it!

Mindy Drummond

Thank you for sharing your story, GOD is great! Sometimes it's not so easy to walk in faith but oh when we do GOD comes through in ways we can't imagine. :)

Mary-Anne V.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Many times people do not realize the great good they are doing by sharing their faith. Your experience had strengthened my own faith that God is in control and we just need to trust and let go. Thank you and I am so happy for all the wonderful things He has done for you!

ann b

Congratulations on your new home, you are truly blessed! we are all blessed, we just need to take (make) the time to see it. Thank you for sharing this inspirational post, it made my morning. xx

Lyn Steph

Congratulations on your new home. Thank you for sharing your praise report. I have experienced how Faith works tremendously. I came across your blog and read your story timely. I believed God lead me here, to remind me with my prayers. Thank you again. God bless you always.

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